April Podcast Schedule

It is a month of the otherworldly as we dive into Pathfinder and The Strange.




April 3rd and 10th


The Fandible crew finally get into fantasy and dive into pathfinder. Expect epic quests and sarcasm.








April 17th and 24th

The Strange

Our two con artists return to the strange as they try to sneak, steal, and lie their way our of every situation.

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19 comments on “April Podcast Schedule

  1. Barsher Da Barsher says:

    Omigod. We did play Pathfinder, didn’t we? I have tried to forget the experience.

  2. Growls says:

    That bad, huh?
    How the hell did you rope Angela into doing PF? Chain her to a block of iron concrete?

  3. Warren says:

    I understand why you might keep taking runs at Pathfinder, but it’s not really set up for the Fandible style of play.
    (Not a knock on Pathfinder – it happens to be the system my group plays most)

    However, it does reward consistent, long term play (I seldom feel like my characters are where I would like them until about lvl 5).

    It is difficult to move away from chasing the next level and away from miniatures combat.

    So many abilities rely on precise knowledge of positioning, that you lose out if you’re not on a map.

  4. It’d be interesting to hear what the Fandible crew could get out of a different kind of fantasy RPG, where the focus is on storytelling (or outright puns and silliness), with little or no emphasis on min-maxed stats and dice rolls.

    Something like The Zantabulous Zorcerer of Zo, or In A Wicked Age, or Tunnels & Trolls, or…

  5. charl says:

    @pencil-monkey I’d like to see them try Burning Wheel. It’s a super clunky system for sure, but the way it rewards narrative character play like the kind that Fandible excels it is excellent and simply beautiful RPG mechanics design (though the rest of the system is overly crunchy).

  6. Barsher Da Barsher says:

    I would like to give Numenera another stab. I think we could get it right this time. That would be my ideal choice for fantasy.

  7. Syren says:

    Yeah, I feel like the Fandicrew needs at least one person who actually mastered the system(typically the GM) before they can walk into things. That or are playing a system where you can roll with the punches with a degree of ease, something with like one dice that usually resolves all outcomes. Or an economy style of resolution.

  8. Warren says:

    I think you might be right about Numenera, Billy.

    It’s rules-light enough and even advancement is based off of exploration, rather than killin’ stuff.

    It might be worthwhile to do a GTRT on what, specifically, you each dislike/like about fantasy RP (or games in general). It might help to tailor a game properly, or find the right system (assuming it’s not blanket fantasy hate).

    Also, for a moment, forgive me while I squee: Numenera! Finally got the book last month and it’s been on the coffee table or in my hands ever since.

  9. Angela says:

    @Warren – I can see the outtakes from that GTRT being a new Patreon backer reward. “Pledge $15 to get audio of Angela getting drunk and ranting about how much fantasy sucks.” 😀

    @Growls – I was convinced to play because I got to play a bard who livetweeted the whole sordid mess: https://twitter.com/magicwtf

  10. Warren says:

    OK, so…blanket fantasy hate from Angela it is.

  11. Mawdrigen says:

    Pathfinder I haven’t played but d&d 3.5 I have. So many rules, so many edge cases, so many exception feats; I hated it. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate fantasy but 3.5 ohhhh yes.

    Numenera the cult played once but only because half the unmet team was missing. I’ve run a bunch of off-mic games though and I like it!

    Really want to get time to run Shadow of Esteren.

    Fantasy wise for fandible? A wfrp skaven game? It’d make 99 problems look like a cakewalk…

  12. Mawdrigen says:

    Also… Yay The Strange!

  13. Pencil-Monkey says:

    If you’re playing Skaven characters in the Wufrup universe, you really need to use the Paranoia rules system for the optimal immersion – instead of clones, you’ve got… well, come to think of it, Skaven rank-and-file troops really just are clones, aren’t they?

  14. Jake says:

    Or just play Paranoia!

    I have had Mawdrigen’s experience with 3.5. So many ridiculous rules and restrictions that even as someone who likes Rogue Trader (except psykers, they can die in the fire I keep throwing at them) I found it to be a bit much. Any system that has the rules for roleplaying and comabt so clearly distinct from each other and/or builds adventure around the latter is one I tend not to enjoy.

  15. Lance Park says:

    13th Age might be something. I’d SEND the Fandible Crew a copy of the rulebook if they’d take a stab at it.

  16. Arvandus says:

    @Mawdrigen WFRP Skaven campaign…. that has possibilities. How about a skaven campaign set during the end times, with your characters doing whatever evil backhanded thing they can to survive the apocalypse?

    @LancePark I actually have a copy of 13th age I bought at a con awhile ago. I might try that game once Fandible is in the mood for fantasy again.

  17. Lance Park says:

    I’ve found that it’s very easy to up 13th age to a “Renaissance” setting rather than strictly fantasy. Be very easy….Also I do like the Icon relationship rolls. Billy and David would have so much fun with those.

  18. mdmann says:

    you could try harn for a medieval feel. a nice rules light system…

  19. Syren says:

    I might also suggest Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish Granting Engine. It’s got a real sort of studio Ghibli type of feel to its fantasy, or Adventure Time also fits. Very slice of adventure or strange mystical lightheartedness standing in front of some greater darkness within. I kinda suggest it because it struck a lot of the same cords I remember when listening to Out of the Box.

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