April Podcast Schedule

It’s a month of apocalyptic super heroic pulp hijinks in this April’s Podcast Schedule.



April 1st

The End of the World

What’s the best way to celebrate April Fools? How about ending the world in a apocalyptic joke.





April 8th

Doctor Magnet Hands

Considered the Cards Against Humanity of RPG’s, we drunkenly try this mad descent into chaos.





April 15th

Arrant Powers

It’s another side story before the main event as we explore a new group characters in the superhero zombie apocalypse.





April 22nd & April 29th

Hollow Earth Expedition

Our pulp heroes have reached Shipwreck bay. It goes as well as you expect.

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3 comments on “April Podcast Schedule

  1. Gordon Duke says:

    Whenever you say Arrant Powers, I hear Errant Powers, which also seems appropriate.

  2. Lance Park says:

    I will send you guys $100 if there was one month that was Entirely Atomic Robo and HEX. Schlock Mercenary would be acceptable.

  3. Sam says:

    End of the World on April fools? I half expect two hours of the world adamantly refusing to end. Mysterious illness going around (it’s just the flu)
    Discovering new life in Antarctica (it’s a prehistoric totally harmless bug)
    Strange skittering in the walls (the guys just have totally normal rats)

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