August 2016 Podcast Schedule

Its a time of teenage cyberpunk sleuths in this Months Podcast Schedule



August 5th & 12th


We return to memories of our younger days playing games, talking about our teenage relationships, and solving crimes behind our parents backs.



Shadowrun Sched


August 19th & 26th


The main shadowrun team returns to do bad things for good… For the right… OK, its for money. Its always for money.

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5 comments on “August 2016 Podcast Schedule

  1. MDMann says:

    Shadow RUN!


  2. Varn says:

    Shadowrun- All my yes.

  3. Sam says:

    You guys have mentioned BubbleGumshoe a few times on twitter… Looking forward to seeing what the system is all about

  4. Steven says:

    If you guys want a lower crunch, more story driven, cyberpunk RPG you should give Hamish Cameron’s The Sprawl a whirl. It focuses on mission driven play to produce an episodic style. Instead of using a pre made setting, The Sprawl has each player (plus the MC) create a megacorp, government, crime syndicate, etc and asks the players answer some questions about what type of cyberpunk they want to play in (Classic neuromancer, ghost in the shell, or beyond. It is up to you).

    I’d love to see what Fandible can do when given the chance to make their own cyberpunk setting of choice.

  5. Chris D. says:

    Shadowrun a few days after my birthday? I’ll take that as a birthday present anyday.

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