Changes to the May Schedule

Hello Fandible Listeners,

There is going to be a change up to the schedule this month. Although we had Dungeon World on tap, it is going back to the podcast depths for now. There will be a post on the Fandiblog on Thursday explaining the switch, so give it a read when it posts tomorrow.

So, what game do we have to replace it?

God_Machine_scheduleMay 24th & 31

The God Machine Chronicles

Daniel Takes us full force into the mystery of the god machine. What is this force that seems to have a purpose far beyond human comprehension.





Your Humble GM’s,

The Fandible Crew.

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7 comments on “Changes to the May Schedule

  1. Thelastarchitect says:

    Is this the game referenced in the ‘shifting gears’ post? – ” Daniel with a new game he is planning to run (it’s a surprise)”

    If so is it a recurring game or a once off?

  2. Katsushiro says:

    So far what’s planned is a single 5-episode chronicle arc. Or, well, 5 play sessions, which could be anwhere from 6 to 12 actual podcast episodes depending on how long they run. The first one was a bit shorter due to time spent making characters and it still got split into 2 episodes. 🙂

    Given how much we like the new God Machine revisions to the WoD rules, I suspect it will become a recurring long-term game (and Billy’s going to be integrating the GM rule changes into his Shambling chronicle). We’ll see how it all goes once the arc I’m running ends in a few weeks, but I would love to make this my official game that I run (while still tossing in the occasional FATE-based one-shot, now that FATE Core and FATE Accelerated Edition are just about out). Considering the stakes on this particular campaign, if we do turn it into a longer-term game, it will likely be starting a whole new arc with all new chars. Which should be fun. 🙂

  3. Barsher Da Barsher says:

    Look for the article this Friday! We had a bit of a delay.

  4. crawlkill says:

    God Machiiine! I was gonna ask if you’d be using the updated rules, but clearly you are! so excite! I wasn’t -hugely- impressed with the vagueness and brevity of the actual story suggestions, but I’m sure you guys’ll do great wiv em.

  5. Katsushiro says:

    Hey crawlkill, glad you’re excited. So far we’re having a grand time with it. At first I was a little disappointed with the short story ideas, but I ended up digging it a lot in the end. They give you what you need, the setting, the main players, an idea of what’s going on, and what will probably happen, and then gets the hell out of your way so you can modify and make them your own… And for this group, that’s important. 🙂

  6. Darkfire says:

    Sad to hear you didn’t enjoy Dungeon World. I had a reasonable time with Dungeon World when I played it at a convention last year. But yea I can understand the old school feel can be rather upsetting. Like playing D&D basic and having your LV 1 wizard die 3 times in a single session frustration. Still don’t give up on them Apocalypse World games, just because of a bad experience. I would suggest trying out Monster of the Week, its an awesome game!

  7. Barsher Da Barsher says:

    Oh, we aren’t giving up on any game. We’ve even talked about maybe trying Dungeon World. I think the main thing to get out of this is that we’re going to start being more careful with games. Some games, you can pick up easily and be okay. Other games require you to take time to learn everything.

    As the post on the fandiblog said, we’re not sure if our experience with Dungeon World was skewed by burn out, confusion, or a combination of thing or if it was legit. But we want to give it a fair shake. Eventually.

    For now, we’re going to stop jumping into a different game system every week. Make our lives simpler 😀

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