December 2018 Podcast Schedule

Its a time of changing shadows in this months podcast schedule.


12/7 -12/14

Changeling the dreaming

Dan guides us on a journey of fantastical creatures and teen drama in Changeling the Dreaming.




12/21 – 12/28

Shadowrun: Saints of Suffering

We return to a team of EMT’s who actually have that thing so rare in the Shadowrun universe. Morals.

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2 comments on “December 2018 Podcast Schedule

  1. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Woot! Interested in the Changling game, should be interesting, and SHADOWRUN!

  2. Nightspider says:

    It should be a blast hearing you guys dive back into the Saints of Suffering. I can’t wait to hear what Shenanigans they get into!

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