December 2015 Podcast Schedule

Its a month of undead pulp cyberpunk in this December Podcast Schedule. Seriously though, someone make undead pulp cyberpunk  into a game. That sounds awesome.



December 4th

Rotted Capes

We return to the undead super hero apocalypse and learn that rash actions have severe consequences.





December 11th

Hollow Earth expedition.

Our pulp heroes face off against a familiar enemy IN THE HOLLOW EARTH echo..echo…echo



Shadowrun Sched


December 18 & 25


The Saints of Suffering must face off against the Christmas blues and live to tell about it.


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6 comments on “December 2015 Podcast Schedule

  1. CallmeIshma3l says:

    “Our pulp heroes face off against a familiar enemy”…Is it Nazis? I totally bet it’s Nazis.
    Great lookin line up, granted if the SoS crew have to charge into the Black Friday Line cause a couple of assholes started a firefight inside a MegaMart, I will never stop laughing 🙂

  2. Angela says:

    CallMeIshma3l: In a surprise twist, MegaMart shows up in the Hollow Earth and the Saints of Suffering face off against Nazis. I know, we were surprised too. 😉

  3. MDMann says:

    Hot Damn! What a line-up.

  4. Marco says:

    Yes! Rotted Capes AND Shadowrun! Can’t wait!
    I was hoping for more Masks and Unhallowed Metropolis but this is better.

  5. Mawdrigen says:


    If I could just get the cult on a regular schedule for ours!

  6. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Mawdrigen, just sayin, if ya’ll Shadowrun crew had a job that was too big for one team, last time Fandible’s SR Crew they where in NYC…

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