December Podcast Schedule

We bring unknown horrors and cyberpunk madness into the evil that is December.

New World of Darkness Sched

December 6th


We go back into the billyverse after just gaining back our sanity from the last time.







December 13th

Unhallowed Metropolis

Billy takes a stab at Victorian fun as he dives into unhallowed metropolis, showing us how london is doing while the main group is off in the wastes.






Shadowrun Sched

December 20th & 27th


We finally finish the shadowrun christmas arc as our shadowrunners learn the meaning of christmas. Which, as always, is just plain greed.

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1 comment on “December Podcast Schedule

  1. Jake says:

    Hurray for Unhallowed Metropolis sidestories! Is this going to focus on a new group of characters or (oh please) Adelle throwing a house party where wacky hijinks follow as she tries to keep the Doctor’s experiments under wraps.

    And then zombies attack because it’s Unhallowed Metropolis.

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