February 2019’s Podcast Schedule

It’s a month of Changeling Laser Goblins in this month’s podcast schedule.

Feb 1st

Laser Kittens

Guest GM Stentor Danielson guides us through the joys of playing kittens with supernatural powers in Laser Kittens.

Feb 4th

Tell Me About Your Character

Be sure to check out the premiere of our new show Tell Me About Your Character on February 3rd! Our first guest is Michael Ross from @TheRPGAcademy, bringing his dwarven cleric Arahamie Mott to our table.

Feb 8th

3 Goblins in a Trenchcoat

We run a playtest of Dan’s new game (available on Patreon come Feb 1st!) and try not to get our goblins killed in the process.

Feb 15th & 22nd

Changeling the Dreaming

We continue Dan’s GMing saga with a return to Changeling the Dreaming.

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2 comments on “February 2019’s Podcast Schedule

  1. CZGrey says:

    It’s the month of Dan!

  2. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Wooo! This month looks Dope!!

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