February Podcast Schedule

Final Girl sched


February 1st: Final Girl

Nothing like starting the month right with a horror game. The group dives into the RPG Final Girl, where the death of your characters isn’t just a possibility, its expected.





New World of Darkness Sched


February 8th: New World of Darkness

Billy helps us into the valentine spirit with a story of love and hope. Everyone knows those emotions can never be twisted.






Shadowrun Sched


February 15th & 22nd: Shadowrun

David finally takes a stab at GM’ing as he brings us into the brutal and greedy world of Shadowrun.

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8 comments on “February Podcast Schedule

  1. Jay says:

    Cool. I kinda wonder how you’re going to play Shadowrun. It’s a interesting setting that opens itself to a few styles of play.

  2. AKBearMace says:

    Hell Fuckin’ Yeah!! Back to the BillyVerse!! And the first podcast scheduled is intriguing as well. Though I’m surprised Angela’s on board with Shadowrun: it has elves and everything! Gonna be a good month methinks…and the fact that the sun sets at 3 here makes waiting to start the horror podcasts much easier this time of year.

  3. Really looking forward to finally hearing how David handles the august duty of GMing.

    Horror games and dystopian sci-fi, a double helping of each – whoever said that February is the worst month of the year? 😀

  4. Kevin says:

    So how psyched is the Fandible crew for the Year of Shadowrun?

  5. CaptainStabby says:

    ooooo Shadowrun, sweet!

  6. Syren says:

    Death, Billy and Shadowrun. This ought to be a fun month. Also been meaning to ask, you guys play a lot of Evil Hat produced games due to your complicated relationship with the fate system, have you all ever tried Don’t Rest Your Head?

  7. Arvandus says:

    @Kevin I cant speak for everyone else, but I cant wait to get the Shadowrun returns CRPG when it comes out. I was a huge fan of super nintendo Shadowrun RPG. As for Shadowrun 5th edition, I am definitely interested.

    @Syren I have heard good things about Dont Rest Your Head. It will probably be in our list of future games at some point.

  8. Syren says:

    Ha, excellent. If I can give some advice to whoever braves the GM seat, it is a very character centric game, to the point that I would even throw out a lot of the fairly interesting fluff for the sake of making the setting and conflict closely tied to the psyche of the characters. In what few times I’ve tried to just use the basic setting pieces people tend to get lost and sometimes bored. I’ve had much more fun hunting and dissecting the sanity of my players piece by piece.

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