January 2019 Podcast Schedule

Its a month of Grim Dark Undead Digital fantasy in this months Podcast Schedule.

 January 4th
Warhammer 40k

Jesus guides David into the grim dark world of Warhammer 40k using the Savage Worlds System. It goes as well as you expect.

January 11th
Rotted Capes
We return to the superpowered and undead world of Rotted Capes. 
January  18th & 25th 
Dungeons and Data

Its another trip into Magic and Microprocessors in Dungeons and Data.

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2 comments on “January 2019 Podcast Schedule

  1. Southernskies says:

    Ooo! Another Rotted Capes game this month.

    :goes and tries to find free time to finish writing current Living Rotted Capes game:

  2. Dean Bailey says:

    Yes SouthernSkies. Finish writing my Rotted capes Game 🙂

    Oh and I second “ooo! Another Rotted capes game. “

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