July 2018 Podcast Schedule

Its a month of apocalypse level dark tinged mystery in this months podcast schedule.


July 6th

The End of the World

We dive back into The end of the world as the 4 lovable losers face their own mortality.





July 13th

Ten Candles

Continuing with the apocalypse theme, Angela guides us towards our own inevitable dooms.




July 20th & 27th


This one is still up in the air, but we will let you know.

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3 comments on “July 2018 Podcast Schedule

  1. CallmeIshma3l says:

    I am deeply pleased by this list! I was kind of scared that y’all were done with End of the World games After the Purge game Revealed a level of maturity that I never thought these characters will be able to achieve.

    I remember from a GTRT that 10 candles had been shot down because it’s contemplative and quiet\somber tone, Making me all the more curious of what is going to come out of this game :P.

    While it might not be in the cards, I think that Angela having a guest spot on the Howling North would be rockin, and I’ll never not suggest an Unhallowed game ‍♂️

  2. Tomas says:

    Always good to hear more end of world. I’m intrigued to see you find ten candels. I’ve been reading it and it seems that it could be an interesting experience to play, I also think you need the right group.

  3. MDMann says:

    Perhaps a saint’s of suffering game?

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