July Podcast Schedule

This July brings horror, pulp, and Victorian action.

New World of Darkness Sched


July 4

World of Darkness

What better way to celebrate the birth of a nation then with some Billyverse style horror. AMERICA!!!!!








July 11th

Hollow Earth

The quest for nails continue as the heroes continue their adventures in the HOLLOW EARTH!!!







July 18th & July 25th

Unhallowed Metropolis

The players finish the final arc of the Berlin chapter the only way they can. With lies, violence, and Victorian flair.

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8 comments on “July Podcast Schedule

  1. Thanak Drahz says:

    Can someone explain to me how, even knowing in advance how awesome the Fandible crew are, I’m still blown away by how freakin’ awesome the past few monthly schedules have been? I am beginning to suspect we are approaching peak awesome, and eventually there will be no awesome left.
    Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to purchase a thesaurus as a precautionary measure.

  2. Jake says:

    Make sure to buy up any Prussian books while you’re there, because Berlin is going to burn.

  3. Barsha Da Barsha says:

    And I’m just going to mention this… We have a Warhammer game coming up RIGHT after these. So for those waiting for us to return to misery and space, you are going to be in for a treat!

  4. Spencinator says:

    Oh good, more Billyverse! …sad to see no Rotted Capes on the list, but I know you guys are trying to find a good home system for that campaign.

  5. Trenton says:

    Horror, Adventure, and Berlin, how could this get any better?

  6. Angela says:

    Spencinator – we’ve actually decided to stick with Rotted Capes proper for that game! We had a great time with the developers at Origins and think we understand it now. We just have to get through our backlog, and play a few overdue games (Warhammer, anyone?) before we get back to that one.

  7. Arvandus says:

    Oh, there is Warhammer planned. Such Joyous Warhammer fun shall be had!

    And yes, rotted capes shall return in its original form now that we got a better handle of the rules. Now I can focus on zombifying my players as quickly as possible.

  8. Warren says:

    Thanak Drahz, because one or two awesome minds cannot sustain this level of awesome for this length of time. However, when you get 4 or 5 minds of the Fandicrew’s level together, it builds a harmonic resonance that feeds itself.

    … I fear for the world if they ever find sixth member at their magnitude of awesometres…

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