July Schedule and News

Another month, another group of future podcasts to give our fans. But first, some news.

As of right now, the Fandiblog has combined with Fandible. Although it seemed like a good idea at the time, keeping both as two separate blogs became more trouble then it was worth. Now all audio and written content will be on the same Fandible blog. Of course, for those of you who prefer one or the other, a listing of individual feeds is on the right side bar of this website, so subscribe to whichever feeds you prefer.

Now then, the good stuff.



July 5th and 12th

Back to the hollow earth for your monthly dose of crazy.






New World of Darkness Sched



July 19

NWOD: The Shambling

Zombies, that is all.








July 26

Unhallowed Metropolis

I know what your thinking, what took so long? My answer, animates.

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7 comments on “July Schedule and News

  1. Pencil-Monkey says:

    A double serving of Angela’s HEX, plus a dollop of Unhallowed Metropolis? *Fistpump* Effin’ yes! 😀 (‘Effing’ as in ‘Fandibling’, not ‘fucking’, of course.)

    Will the events in Billy’s Fandicade game have an effect on the game proper? That would be rather neat.

    Thank you for merging the Fandiblog with the main site, much easier just having a one-stop shop for all conceivable Fandi-needs.

    PS: Happy Fandipendence Day, everybody!

  2. Pencil-Monkey says:

    Also, in response to your listing of your own favorite podcasts in GTRT #6, check out Edict Zero FIS:


    It is a science-fiction audio drama, put together by a one-man production company on a tiny budget, which makes it all the more impressive when you hear how wonderfully well-crafted it is.

    Jack Kincaid, the creator and producer of the show, also does a lot of the voice acting, but his acting skills and vocal range are accommodating enough that it never gets jarring, you’re never confused about which character is speaking.

    The show strikes an excellent balance between drama, action, humour and horror, and because it’s all audio, it’s possible for the show to create a very convincing backdrop of Space Future Society (in Space) with almost perfectly placed sound FX and music.

    The third season started right after New Year, and there’s another episode scheduled for release on July 8th, but you definitely need to start at the beginning with season 1, way more satisfying if you avoid the spoilers that’ll crop up by jumping into the new season first.

  3. Mawdrigen says:

    Having nearly finished listening to your entire back catalog I am looking forward to these starting to pop up in my feed! Our first episode of unhallowed metropolis goes up soon as well! Plus having listened to your final girl episodes I had to get hold of a copy of that as well!

    Many thanks and please keep up the awesome work!

  4. bear1 says:

    Huzzah! Finally an episode of Unhallowed Metropolis! No doubt delayed by Lord Byronds liberal use of the opium pipe and long chats with Toadington. Can’t wait to see it!

  5. Harrier Potter says:

    I have to echo Pencil Monkey’s recommendation of Edict Zero. It’s a very good show.

  6. Pencil-Monkey says:

    Used this in a “Fandible is great” campaign on another site. WOW, people sure got upset about it.


    Are Tina Fey’s limbs sacrosanct?

  7. Barsha Da Barsha says:

    What site was this?

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