June 2018 Podcast Schedule

Its a month of blade wielding, horror viewing, mutant vikings in this months podcast schedule.


June 1st

Blades in the Dark

A group of drug runners fight off gangster rivals in Blades in the Dark.





June 8th

Dead Channel

Rebel radio explores bad horror cinema in Grant Howits Dead Channel.




June 15th

Mutant Chronicles

Its a future of grimdark violence and massive shoulderpads as we dive into MUTANT CHRONICLES!!! *HEAVY METAL GUITAR RIFT!*




June 22nd


We return to the brutal north in Hellfrost!





June 29th


This game is still up in the air.

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1 comment on “June 2018 Podcast Schedule

  1. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Lol, the coverand ya’lls Description of Mutant Chronicles make it sound like what happens if Warhammer 40 K pulls the stick out of his ass and just has some fun. Also, Dead Hannel intrigues me.

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