March 2016 Podcast Schedule

A month of Strange, superpowered, undead, aliens lie in wait this month on Fandible.



March 4th

The Strange

We continue the adventures of two dimension hopping thieves in The Strange.





March 11th

Arrant Powers (Formerly Rotted Capes)

With a new name and a new system, we continue our journey into the super powered post apocalypse.





March 18th & 25th

The End of the World

We return to our favorite poker playing losers as they once again try to survive The End of the World.


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4 comments on “March 2016 Podcast Schedule

  1. MDMann says:

    A good line-up. I imagine it’s answered in the podcast but why the name change from Rotted Capes and are their any other changes?

  2. Fairystail says:

    what’s the new system for Rotted Capes? I googled what you pt there but couldn’t find anything and i’m planning on running a supers and zombies game one day so im curious what would work

  3. Pencil-Monkey says:

    They’ve previously mentioned their interest in the Aberrant RPG on the podcast, when they discussed what systems might be a good replacement for Rotted Capes. Billy, being the resident White Wolf fanboy, was particularly outspoken about it. Perhaps that’s the one they picked, but (possibly deliberately) misspelled the title?

  4. Arvandus says:

    We are trying out Prowlers & Paragons this go around.

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