March 2018 Podcast Schedule

Its a month of culling the weak as we celebrate our love of The Purge series of films with various games set in the purge universe.



March 2nd & 9th

End of the World

The inhabitants of the bachelor of arms try not to die horribly while stuck outside during the purge.




March 16th & 23rd

The Ward

The members of a hospital staff do what they can to save lives on a day when everyone else is trying to kill them.




March  30th


This game is still up in the air. We will let you know when we decide on it.

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3 comments on “March 2018 Podcast Schedule

  1. CallmeIshma3l says:

    “Oh Shit, WHAY DAY IS IT!?!?!”

  2. Fabian says:

    So many possibilities!

    Star Wars Purge – The Empire wants to get rid of a troublesome planet, but its last Death Star got blown up. The solution: A purge! Can a ragtag group of survivors get off planet without killing each other?

    Pugmire Purge – Who will be Top Dog?

    Atomic Robo Purge – A behavioral experiment goes terribly wrong! Will the team put a stop to the purge or shrug and have fun?

    Unhallowed Metropolis Purge – Actually, nevermind, there’d be no noticeable change in the setting.

    Only War Purge or Dungeon World Purge – Because your tears sustain me.

  3. FandibleDave says:

    Lord of the Rings: Purge Edition. Once a year in Middle-earth, all crime is Smeagol.

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