May 2016 Podcast Schedule

Its a month of Victorian horrors and super heroic apocalyptic antics in this months Podcast Schedule.



May 6th & 13th

Unhallowed Metropolis

We finally return to Victorian sensibilities and zombies in Unhallowed Metropolis.





May 20th & 27th

Rotted Capes

The main “Heroes” of the apocalyptic wasteland return in Rotted Capes.

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3 comments on “May 2016 Podcast Schedule

  1. Lucek says:

    Arrant Powers for my birthday, and here all I got you is sitting on my shelf downstairs because I never got an unrated address.

  2. Sam says: presents: Zombie month!

    But yeah this is an awesome line up. Can’t wait to get some more Unhallowed.

  3. FandibleDave says:

    Happy birthday, Lucek! I’ll work on badgering the rest of Fandible to get you an address.

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