May 2017 Podcast Schedule

Its a month of fantasy bear victorian zombies in this months podcast schedule.



May 5th

D&D: bound by Thorns

The three RPG newbies return to a world of action, adventure, and so much screaming.




May 12th

Honey Heist

Master criminals. Expert con men. Extremely Violent bears. Oceans 11 this aint.




May 19th and 26th

Unhallowed Metropolis

We return to Unhallowed Metropolis and the beginning of the end of the Unhallowed Metropolis campaign.

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2 comments on “May 2017 Podcast Schedule

  1. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Then end of Unhallowed will be bitter sweet, is also a great excuse for y’all to start up another one 😛

    That said, Honey Heist…intrigues me.

  2. MDMann says:

    DandD I liked the earlier ones (despite ambivalence over the play system), should be good (Good for the Good God).

    Honey bears looks interesting. “Honey honey honey, I’ve got love in my tummy, do dub ii du da do. Honey you’re a sweet thing, …”.

    Metropolitan unhallowed. Nuff said

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