May 2019 Podcast Schedule

It’s a month of Heroic Dragon Mystery in this month’s podcast schedule.

May 3rd & 10th
Dungeons & Dragons
We  return to the story of a few wannabe adventures in Dungeons and Dragons.

May 17th
We are the Cartoon Heroes
We try out Jesus’ new RPG of cartoon heroes fighting an evil villian.

May 24th & 31st
This game is still up in the air but we’ll let you know what it is soon.

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1 comment on “May 2019 Podcast Schedule

  1. CallmeIsma3l says:

    Lol, though Fandible has run some damn fine and memorable DnD games (Drow Virus, “Would you download a Whale”, and “Identify!”come to mind), I can’t see DnD on this site without hearing “BRAVE HEROES!”

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