November 2015 Podcast Schedule

Its a month of apocalypse hacks as we explore the worlds of Junior Super heroics and Monster hunting.



Nov 6th & 13th


We find out that teen angst and superheros are a volatile combination.




Nov 20th & 27th

Monster of the Week

We try out Monster of the Week and find that monster hunting can, unsurprisingly, be a bit dangerous.


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3 comments on “November 2015 Podcast Schedule

  1. Camden says:

    As someone who has recently discovered Powered by the Apocalypse (through the Recommended Kickstarter), I am more excited about this coming month of Fandible than a cat in a paraplegic mouse hospital.

  2. Eerie Smile says:

    I’ve considered picking up Monster of the Week, so this is great.

    But I gotta know, when are you guys gonna play Apocalypse World itself? Waiting for Second Edition to come out?

  3. Barsha Da Barsha says:

    Well, maybe when second edition comes out. In truth, Fandible has a love/hate relationship with the Apocalypse system. Well, that’s not entirely true…. it’s more of a neutral/hate relationship. Some of us feel the Apocalypse system is fine. Some of us do not like it very much at all. So that does keep us from really wanting to play games using it.

    We tried the Apocalypse system for these games because A) We needed to give the system another shot after the shitshow which was our Dungeon World game. And B) we really thought they were cool concepts (Masks especially!).

    I don’t want to reveal too much but I don’t think we did the rules correctly in the Monster of the Week game. Nothing too bad but at the end, we might have forgotten to allow something that would have changed the outcome of a scene. For Masks, I think we were pretty good with following the rules. In the end, I enjoyed playing both games but … yeah, I’m just not a fan of the system. Still isn’t a system I look forward to handling.

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