Fandible Patreon Update & November Podcast Schedule


As 2014 is winding down, we’re continuing to tweak our Patreon page slightly in anticipation of some changes for the site in 2015. To help us prepare for those changes, we’ve removed the $200 goal on Patreon, to remove the ad-sense advertisements on the site. As we’ve yet to actually pass that particular goalpost, this has minimal effect on our current Patreon backers, but allows us to really set our eyes on the bigger prize of helping fund Fandible attendance at local conventions.

By next month we should also be able to report on an excellent investment in new equipment, supported by our Patreon funds. We can’t wait to show you what the new stuff will be able to do!

October brought an outpouring of amazing Geeky Topics Round Table questions from our loyal Patreon subscribers. You heard some of them in the October GTRT episode, and we made careful note of all the topics that didn’t fit in that episode to use in upcoming ones. Remember, all Patreon backers at any level can submit GTRT questions, either through the Patreon messaging system, or directly to us via the Fandible e-mail.

Thank you again to all of our supporters, both on Patreon and those of you who support us through reviews, comments, recommendations, and listening to us every week. We’re glad to have you as part of the Fandible crew, and hope you enjoy what November has in store!

Rogue-Trader-copyNovember 7th & 14th

Rogue Trader

We return to the rogue trader crew as they try to live in a galaxy surrounded by amoral monsters….oh sorry, that was a mirror.



November 21th & 28th

Vampire the Masquerade

We dive into the Old World of Darkness as Angela guides us into Vampire the Masquerade 20th anniversary edition.




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10 comments on “Fandible Patreon Update & November Podcast Schedule

  1. Spencinator says:

    Oh boy, VtM? Which one of you decided to play the Malkavian? Was it David? Five bucks says it’s David

  2. G says:

    Super stoked about the VtM, there are so very few actual plays of it around the net.

  3. crawlkill says:

    oh, man. when I were a lad, I were quite the fan of Masquerade and the rest of the oWoD. these days I just kind of look at it as a pinnacle of a teenaged sense of cool and shittacular mechanical game design. I dunno if you followed the WoD20A editions’ developments at all, but one thing they were explicit about was wanting to leave all the broken stuff broken, because its being broken was “part of the game.”

    I threw up a little in my mouth.

    hope either nobody or everybody bought Celerity.

  4. FandibleDave says:

    @Crawkill Fandible was treated to a pretty intense post-game rant from me about the problems with disciplines within Vampire. I will simply say this regarding the disparity between setting and mechanics: I loved role-playing my character but mechanically I will never touch him again. (This is under the assumption that the term “broken” means “doesn’t make sense” as opposed to “over-powered.”) My Nerd Rage threatened to bubble over into my Scotch Goblet.

    So enjoy! I suffered through that logistical and mechanical nightmare for you, the listeners.

  5. Barsher Da Barsher says:

    I thought it made sense…

  6. Angela says:

    I’m with Billy on this one. Vampire gets broken as you get to higher power levels (and/or broken through volume. Not much gets by five vampires, even if they’re brand new), but most of the lower-level stuff works perfectly for me. While watching David froth into his Goblet was amusing, I respectfully disagree with about 99% of his argument.


  7. Arvandus says:

    As an expert on the art of hurting people with violence in that particular game, I am going to have to side with David on this one. I had fun, but the soak rules made my flesh-rending attempts less bloody and more comical. Hilarious, I will admit, but not really conducive to killing my fleshy enemies.

    SIDE CHOSEN! Daniel no pressure, but your answer will make or break Fandible. Will you choose the right side, or the anti american, communist, anti-business, everything agenda side.

  8. Syren says:

    Dan’s a rebel. I believe in him.

  9. Daniel says:

    I see where both sides are coming from here. I was a Vampire player of old, back in the day, after all, all the way to LARPing it back in my late teens, and, once upon a time, my knowledge of the system and setting rivaled Billy’s. Having read both sides of the argument, both do raise some good points. I’ve really gotta say that, as a WoD connoisseur of both the old and new ones, I think both sides are missing a very important point: have you heard of this game called Changeling: The Dreaming?

    (Spoiler alert: tuns out vampires are just really angsty Redcaps!)

  10. NateD says:

    And with Dan’s careful non-answer, there is Only (Fandi-)War.

    For my part, I haven’t played VtM since my teens (with all attendant trenchcoats and katanas.) And for me, yep – combat was borked. But if it’s NOT all about combat (or if it *is* about combat and you happen to have Celerity), it’s fun. I kind of want to play an old school “badasses with fangs” game again, actually, with the nostalgia cranked up to 11.

    And re: vampire redcaps – Oh man, tell me that wasn’t canon…

    And lastly — Part-Time Gods of FATE is in alpha play-test *right now*, actually! I think you can find the developers on Google+, if you’re interested…?

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