November Podcast Schedule

Due to overwhelming demand, the Fandible crew has decided to fight the harsh dictates of dragons law and post the Fandible episodes for November. Understand that the dragon is a harsh beast and may change the schedule at any time, but generally, we will be able to ensure that what we post will be played and if there is any changes, we will let you know. Also, all podcast’s shall be posted around 4 – 5 pm eastern instead of the usual time of whenever I remember to post it.

I present to you the upcoming games of November. *input fanfare here*


Unhallowed Metropolis Session 4 Part 1


Unhallowed Metropolis Session 4 Part 2




Rogue Trader Session 10 Part 1


Rogue Trader Session 10 Part 2





Mouse Guard





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2 comments on “November Podcast Schedule

  1. foxbear says:

    Huzzah! A month of my 2 favorite games from you guys and an interesting one at the end! can’t wait to see em!

  2. Syren says:

    Hmm, another month I must go without hearing David doing the Zapp MacGuffin voice, regardless there are some fantastic games this month and I look forward to both listening to the first part and gritting my teeth in anticipation of part two of both.

    Also looking into Mouse Guard now.

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