October 2016 Podcast Schedule

Its a week of Dark Finales at the End of the World in this weeks podcast schedule.

New World of Darkness Sched


Oct 7th

New World of Darkness

Billy returns us to a world of horror in the Billyverse.




Final Girl sched



Oct 14th

Final Girl

We try to decide who will be in Final Girl in a calm and reasonable manner involving so much blood….




Oct 21

End of the world

The robots have their turn in this episode of End of the World.






Oct 28


This game is still up in the air but we will let you know when we know which game we shall punish.





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7 comments on “October 2016 Podcast Schedule

  1. CallmeIshma3l says:

    A triumphant to Unhallowed Metropolis for the end of month capper?

  2. Quorganism says:

    Huzzah! Final Girl! Happy Birthday me!

  3. Aurellion says:

    All the hype for new Billyverse and the latest End of the World in the same month!

    With the machines rebelling, perhaps it’s finally time for the battle of the ages:

    Jerry vs Fanditoaster

  4. Jamas says:

    First up is a one off with death, then it’s a one off with death, then it’s a one off with death… clearly the last game is “death to all” or “Everybody lives”

  5. Cayce says:

    It looks like an awesome, awesome fandible month! Though I have to ask, when is the next GTRT? Honestly, I love the GTRTs as much as the actual plays!

  6. Billy Coffing says:

    We swear – we’re going to do a GTRT very soon. We tend to do them when EVERYONE is around the table, and that hasn’t been the case for the last few months due to us all having a very busy schedule. However, we WILL have an OCTOBER GTRT. Even if it is just me talking with several different accents.

  7. 77explorer says:

    If you’re still deciding what the final game of the month will be, my vote is for Planet Mercenary! 🙂

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