October 2019 Podcast Schedule

Its a month of Changing Viking horror in this months podcast schedule.

October 5th


We return to the world of Viking blood and steel in Tex’s Hellfrost Game.

October 12th & 19th

Changeling the Dreaming

The changeling teens continue their adventures in Changeling the Dreaming.

October 26th

Final Girl

It’s Halloween month which of course means a horror-themed game. This year its the murder heavy final girl.

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2 comments on “October 2019 Podcast Schedule

  1. CallmeIsma3l says:

    It’s good times tour of old favs! Woot!

  2. PhoenixScientist says:

    I am going to have to go back to the past changeling episodes. Time for some more classic games.
    *flashbacks withing flashbacks*

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