October State of the Patreon & Podcast Schedule

FandibleFeaturedSeptember brought us our highest Patreon achievement yet – $195, just a hair shy of our third milestone (remove ad-sense ads from the site). Thank you so much to each of our backers, and all of our fans. We know many of you are finding amazing, cash – free ways of supporting us. Your reviews, recommendations, and comments both here and on social media are what have made the last four years of podcasts worthwhile. A heartfelt thank you from the Fandible crew to each and every one of you.

The start of October brought a small change to our Patreon milestones. We’ve edited our second milestone ($125 – Gamer Fuel) to better represent how we’re investing your generous support back into the podcast.


At this level, after operating costs have been paid for, we’ll reinvigorate ourselves and our gaming library. In addition to funding the occasional pizza and beer, we’ll be buying new and/or upgraded gaming supplies, including game books, PDFs, and maybe even fancy new dice.
Thank you once again for your support, whether you’re an official Patreon backer or a vocal fan. We love you all! Hope you enjoy what we have in store for you this month, as Fandible celebrates all things horrific…





Oct 3rd & 10th

Rotted Capes

Our heroes return to the land of the Super dead.








Oct 17th & 24th

Demon the Descent

The crew decide that being former angels to a omnipotent god machine can lead a whole host of problems.



New World of Darkness Sched




Oct 31


To cap off our Fandible Halloween bash, we take a return dive into the billyverse.

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9 comments on “October State of the Patreon & Podcast Schedule

  1. Thelastarchitect says:

    NICE! Finally getting to see the Fandible folks being straight up Non-Mortal NWOD NPCs, and you guys rock with God-Machine stories.

    Only thing that could be better in regards NWoD is if you guys went for Mage, though I don’t see that happening.

    I’m curious as to who is GMing Demon though?

  2. Nate says:

    YASS! (except — waiting ’till the 17th?? *cries*)

    And returning to the Billyverse in time for Halloween? Exxxxxxxcellent.

  3. Quorganism says:

    Hoorah! Some love for Demon at last. Really looking forward to seeing how you guys find that one.

    And loving the Rotted Capes as well actually. The Zompocalypse setting has dealt with most of the things that usually irk me in superhero stories,so looking forward to more.

  4. Glad you guys are looking forward to Demon, I’m GMing that one! A bit nervous as we were still getting into the system for this first session and I think it shows, but we had fun, and the second session (to be posted soon!) I think was one of our smoothest, game play-wise, yet. Hope you guys enjoy, and please let us know what you think!

  5. AKBearmace says:

    Oh wow Demon! I haven’t bought that yet…I might rely on your cast to judge its worthiness to follow my favorite system: Changeling

  6. crawlkill says:

    man, Mage is a mess, old and new. PCs can just do TOO MUCH, even if they’re not deliberately trying to exploit the system. doesn’t look like second edition is going to address that, either. it’s like that bit of Call of Cthulhu where they present psychic powers then say “but, uh, if you give your investigators psychic powers, don’t count on there being a whole lot of ‘investigation.'”

    but I liked GMC as a narrative idea (and loved it as a mechanical revision, kinda goin the FATE route with WoD which is all to the good), was tentatively pleased with what I skimmed of Demon, and am excited to hear what you guys do with it.

  7. Nate says:

    @Crawlkill – I think that the trick for nMage is to know what the PCs can do, and tailor your story to that. If they’re Space-heavy, expect them to go picking at Sympathetic threads and simply Scry whatever they’re looking for. If they’ve got Time, they ARE GOING to just look back in time to solve the mystery. The trick is to realise that, and go with it – let that *be* the investigation, rather than interviewing neighbours, etc.

    (That being said, trotting around trying to gather enough sympathetic threads can be very interesting, too!)

    I also think it helps to have a smaller group of PCs, too. That way they won’t wind up covering EVERY angle.

    My $0.02, anyway. 🙂

  8. Thelastarchitect says:

    @Crawlkill – To be clear the following is largely flavored by personal preference and experience with a great group. I disagree on the note of the problem being they can do too much, especially in a system where the theme seems to be power and the dangers of both its use and acquirement. You /do/ have characters able to do much more than in a lot of other games but I’d say that just leads to a different sort of game. Also in most cases where players can walk over Mortals, other Mages can counteract them.

    It is very much a game where you can’t predict the route players will take, but so are many other games for the similar reasons.

    It is a harder game than many to run but it is worthwhile and it’s the best nWoD supernatural splat in my opinion.

    I say this after having run two weekly Mage Campaigns of 20+ sessions each, with modifications to allow the God Machine update posted to the old White Wolf forums by one of the developers writing 2nd ed now.

    My €0.02 to add to the pot.

  9. FrothyHam says:

    Yes!!! Demon the Descent is my favorite new RPG in a long time, absolutely love the setting and vibe of the God-Machine and everything it touches in the nWod. Return to Billyverse is fantastic news as well.

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