September 2016 Podcast Schedule

Its a month of fantastical time traveling paranoid super powered zombie shenanigans in this months podcast schedule.



September 2nd

Age of Sigmar

What happens when you mix alcohol, a late night, and a GM who has to many ideas in his head. You get a Fandible  one shot in the epic and ridiculous world of Age of Sigmar.





September 9th


Its a team of time traveling heroes trying to stop, well, time travelling villains. A bit cliche, but its time travel and as scifi tropes go, that one is a big one.




September 16th


Attention! You may only read this if you are ultraviolet rank. Those of you below ultraviolet please head to your nearest friendly soldier and request to be vaporized.





September 23rd & 30th

Rotted Capes

It’s another story on the other side of the country as the two former prisoners of the military and a new mentally unstable ally fight super-powered zombie menaces.

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