September 2019 Podcast Schedule

Its a month of Adventurous Ganster Cyberpunks in this months podcast schedule.

September 6th

Nitrate City

We finish off the story of the monstrous gangsters trying to survive the ire of the mob.

September 13th

Tiny Dungeons

In Gallant Games Tiny Dungeon, a Goblin and a Polar Bear walk into a world of adventure.

September 20th & 27th

Cyberpunk Red

We play the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit and discover that in the world of cyberpunk, even rocker bands need to do dirty work to get paid.

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1 comment on “September 2019 Podcast Schedule

  1. CallmeIsma3l says:

    Love the line up this month! Any word if the CyberPunk Red is maybe in Seattle and require the characters to do a Shadowy run?

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