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SoloShot: Star Wars Force and Destiny, Episode 4×13

It’s an unlikely team up, as a rebel spy joins Castian on the journey through the depths of the Imperial Consulate on Delaya. Both are looking for news of the captured Alderaanians, but will either be happy with what they discover?

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SoloShot: Star Wars Force and Destiny, Episode 4×12

Castian has made it into the Imperial Consulate and now must find where the Alderaanian nobles are being kept. However, little does he know that he isn’t the only person in search of these nobles. Check out the Flight Risk promo at the end of the episode! Music Provided By: Oppressive Gloom by Kevin MacLeod…

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Slugblasters: The Diamond Pyramid 1 of 2

With nothing to do and a multiverse to explore, three bored teens head off to an unknown desert to grab a shiny prize. Thankfully, they are only taking an ancient artifact from the remnants of a dead civilization. I mean, what’s the worst that cold happen.

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SoloShot: Star Wars Force and Destiny, Episode 4×11

Alderaan is gone.

The SoloShot returns to the second half of season four as Castian Saayah must face the loss of Alderaan and the possible loss of his beloved. Castian tries to find answers on Alderaan’s sister planet, Delaya. However, with an increased Imperial presence and a populace desperate for answers, this might be a mystery far too great for our hero.

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