Fandible Review & Fair Use Policy

Review Policy:
The Fandible crew always loves trying new games. With the sheer volume of games being published today, however, it’s impossible for us to keep track of them all. If you’re a game creator and think that your game is a good fit for the Fandible crew and our listeners, please read the following review policy.

What do we like to play: We heavily favor games that allow us to pick up and play relatively quickly, with mechanics that let us focus on creating characters and stories over lots of dice rolling to shoot up the bad guys. Horror, sci-fi (including everything from superheroes to steampunk to space opera), and pulp-adventure are our preferred genres.

Publication format: We can accept either electronic or physical copies of your game book. We are also happy to participate in the playtest process if your game isn’t quite yet ready for primetime. If you’re contacting us regarding playtesting, please let us know whether the playtest session can be published on Fandible – either way, we are happy to record our session and send it to you so you can hear how the playing goes in real time.

Time required: Please allow us about one month to play, review and post the podcast of your game. If you have a specific time you’d like the podcast to be posted, such as in conjunction with a publication anniversary or the launch of a Kickstarter, let us know and we will work to accommodate your schedule.

Review format: We genuinely love games, and the people who create them. After we finish our first session of a game, we discuss as a group what worked and didn’t work for us in the game. We always try to phrase our criticisms as constructive, but if you’re looking for nothing but glowing praise, we might not be the group for you.

Contact: Please contact us before sending us your game. Give us a pitch and any time constraints you’d like us to consider for our review. If we agree your game sounds like a great fit for us, we’ll respond and ask how we can play together!

Other Publicity Methods: Aside from the actual play podcast, we also have the Fandiblog, where we are interested in posting interviews and guest posts from others in the industry. Additionally, we are interested in doing audio interviews over Skype, or figuring out where to meet locally if you’re in New York City. When contacting us, please let us know if you’d be interested in a guest post, or a text- or audio-based interview.

If interested in having your game on Fandible, please contact us a

Fair Use Policy:
We know the only reason we have a podcast is because of the great talent and generosity of the content creators in the gaming industry, from the big names at Fantasy Flight Games to the small indie publishers popping up on Kickstarter daily. In the spirit of cooperation, we like to give back wherever we can, from promoting new games, to making our own creative contributions.

We’re often asked to write up the stats for various NPCs or flesh out adventure settings for original content in Fandible games. We work on it when we can, but we also encourage you to pilfer our ideas and make them your own! All we ask is that any original content from a Fandible game (such as most of Billy’s World of Darkness creations or Daniel’s Blue Court vampires) be for personal use only. And while certainly not required, we’d absolutely love to hear back from you on how your own games went!

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