Welcome to Pitfall. Every season, several New York City Improvisors bring their comedic talents to various tabletop RPG’s. Dive in each week to worlds of adventure, comedic mishap, and ridiculous circumstances.

Date: May 20th

Players: Leah Evans, Jerry Burgos; Matthew Schrader; Josef Zook; Jason Zednick

Game: Tiny Zombies

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Date: May 27th

Players: Bryan Packman; Marcus Haugen; Pedro Lee; Eric Mangin

Game: Swords & Scrolls

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Date: June 3rd

Players: Olivia Wardwell; Sonia Nam; Dan Hanf

Game: Tiny Frontiers

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Date: June 10th

Players: Daniel Tepper; Kevin Mcnair; Megan Maloney

Game: 3 Goblins in a Trenchcoat

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Date: June 17th

Players: Joy Masters; Dustin D’Addato; Jack Rokicki; Paul Pallota

Game: Honey Heist

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