Chronicles of Darkness: Motel Ate 2 of 2

The unfortunate group finds themselves in a fight for survival as they try to escape becoming a meal for an Eldritch creature. Will they be devoured? Or will they prove to be too much to swallow?

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Chronicles of Darkness: Motel Ate 1 of 2

Four travelers find themselves stuck in a motel in the middle of no where. Will they sleep soundly through the night or will the turn-down service prove far too deadly for them? Welcome to the Billyverse… and enjoy your stay at ‘Motel Ate’.

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Chronicles of Darkness: Off the Rails Part 1 of 2

Welcome to New York City. A chance encounter with a pickpocket leads four visitors into the depths of the city where they will realize that while the city never sleeps… something has been sleeping underneath it. And it’s starting to stir…

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Chronicles of Darkness: Old Hat

In the old west, dangers can come from any corner. From harsh weather to vicious animals, the pioneers must do all they can to survive the cruelties of mother nature. Yet, when a family gets lost in the mountains of Oregon, a team must face a much more sinister and vile force to rescue them.

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Chronicles of Darkness: Shrouded Lullaby

{Content note: The following episode contains non-comedic themes of child abuse}

The three imaginary friends of Kendra Walters are her helpers and her support in a world of grownups. Each representing an aspect of her personality, they help fight off all threats of childhood from an annoying brother to the monster under the bed. But what happens, when an event triggers an evil no child should ever have to face?

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