Dungeons and Data

Dungeons & Data Ep 2: Electric Boogaloo part 2 of 2

Their quest complete, the two hackers think they finally got a handle on this digital adventure. However, the arrival of a new program makes them realize things are nowhere near as simple as it seems.

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Dungeons & Data Ep 2: Electric Boogaloo part 1 of 2

Having assumed the mantle of Executive Rat Killer, Finten The Unseen continues to explore the town of Firebend in search of the data he has been hired to steal. But when another hacker enters the node, only time will tell if their goals will be co-op or will force them into PvP.

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Dungeons & Data: Rats in the Basement

In futuristic New York City, an inexperienced hacker wants to make a name for himself. When he decides to roll the dice on an opportunity, he doesn’t realize that the dice he’s rolling have twenty sides.

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