World Of Darkness

Changeling the Lost Ep 2: Red Right Hand 1 of 2

Finding out their potential payday has become a potential death sentence, the lost must figure who originally took the Herapear before they come under the cold gaze of the Autumn king.

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Changeling the Lost: Winters Fall

Agents of the freehold find themselves bored out of their minds as the Autumn Court prepares for the transition to winter. Thankfully, the wyrd has a way of alleviating their boredom in the most spectacular way possible.

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Chronicles of Darkness: Old Hat

In the old west, dangers can come from any corner. From harsh weather to vicious animals, the pioneers must do all they can to survive the cruelties of mother nature. Yet, when a family gets lost in the mountains of Oregon, a team must face a much more sinister and vile force to rescue them.

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Chronicles of Darkness: Venerable Light

Trigger warning: This game deals with themes revolving around the holocaust. Listener discretion advised.

Well past their primes, three lonely residents of a quiet nursing home find that they must survive the aftermath of a dark history.

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