Savage Rifts

The Strange. A dark energy network where myth and stories become reality. In this setting, a team of thieves started a simple heist that would lead them into an adventure that spans worlds.

Rifts: Triple Aces Ep 3

Closing in on the compound of the cannibal clan, the Aces reunite in a brief moment of calm to plan their next move.

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Savage Rifts: Triple Aces Ep 2 part 2

Hiding in the shadows of the Vaikai compound and dealing with an insidious trap laid for unwary intruders, the Aces decide to take the fight to the cannibals. Their...

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Savage Rifts: Triple Aces Ep 2 part 1

Following the cannibals into the wilderness, the Aces find themselves struggling against deadly traps and dwindling time. The hills of the New West aren't only home to the Vaikai,...

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Savage Rifts: Triple Aces

Three wanderers, walking across the war torn lands of North America, begin their journey towards Castle Refuge. Along the way, they will encounter hostile bandits, reluctant townsfolk, and the...

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