Demon the Descent

The Fandible Holiday Gift Guide

Season’s greetings, Fandible faithful, pervy kobolds, and assorted denizens of the web, and welcome to the first annual Fandible Holiday Gift Guide! Xmas is fast approaching, and you may be wondering what to get the Fandible-obsessed person in your life. Well, wonder no more, because we’ve put together a list of utterly spellbinding gifts guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s winter.

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4 Tips and Tricks for GMing High-powered Games

GMing High-powered Games, or “Just because you can demolish an entire city, doesn’t meant that should be your answer to everything.” Whether you’re just starting Demon: the Descent or are wondering what to do with your 10th level Pathfinder adventurers, keeping the game fun and challenging for everyone requires some extra thought that your average low-level pick up game does not.

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