Castle Falkenstein: The Council of Oddities 1 of 3

A collection of strange and unique individuals , the council of oddities protects the unusual creatures of the world from those who would exploit them. Heading to a small town in Paris, they must uncover what is causing a rash of sudden insanity among its populace.

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Monster Hearts: Trapped Souls part 2 of 2

Teens need few reason to start a party and a day off is more then enough excuse to celebrate. But this party is not simply a cause for celebration, but a chance for a darker power to get its final wish.

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Monsters Hearts: Trapped Souls part 1 of 2

Two special guest GM’s take us into the world of Teen Angst and Monsters as we dive hormone’s first into Monster Hearts. Will these monsters find their own place in the world or will darker forces guide their path.

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