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The Notepad – My Most Important Tool

In case you haven’t noticed yet, we play a lot of different games here at Fandible. We have 17 different games on the site right now, and I know there’s at least one new game that hasn’t made it up on the site yet. These games have run the gamut of extremely rules-light (see: Dread “I want to…

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A Sad Tale to Tell

The greatest stories stem from the greatest conflicts, both external and internal. Both of these levels are important for giving your RPG character motivation. While the GM generally provides external conflict, it is up to the player to give a character internal conflict during character creation.

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Licensed Role Playing Games

Licensed role playing games are perennially popular in the RPG hobby. Looking at the niches they fill in the role playing community, these games have both benefits and drawbacks to their inclusion in your group’s roster.

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