Rotted Capes Ep 14: Battle for Nightbane 2 of 2

One Super Zombie down, the heroes must now take on the might of Gloria and her minions.  Intro Music: Hitman by Kevin Macleod Origin Art in title card by Gareth Simpson. The wound and torn symbol are added on. Rotted Capes Episodes Other Games

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Dungeons & Data: Rats in the Basement

In futuristic New York City, an inexperienced hacker wants to make a name for himself. When he decides to roll the dice on an opportunity, he doesn’t realize that the dice he’s rolling have twenty sides.

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Blades in the Dark: New Kids on the Dock Ep 2

Focused on growing their criminal empire, two-thirds of the Carrion Crows devise an ambitious plan to infiltrate the halls of higher learning and steal supplies crucial to their business. It’s only a bunch of bookworm students and a bumbling security guard, how hard can it be?

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