world of darkness

Chronicles of Darkness: Congealed Happiness part 2 of 3

Questions turn to answers as the mystery of founders day is slowly revealed. When the truth is exposed, three young children sadly learn that not every story has a happy ending and that good intentions can rob them of everything they hold dear.

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Chronicles of Darkness: Congealed Happiness part 1 of 3

Founders Height is perfect. A idyllic little community in the middle of nowhere, it is free from the crime and economic woes that might plague similar communities in the country. But, as three young students are going to slowly discover, such perfection may have a price.

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NWOD: NYC Zombiepocalypse part 1 of 4

When New York City gets infested with the living dead, four luckless survivors do their best to survive. Will they reach safety, or will they succumb to the Zombie hordes rushing after them.

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