100 episodes of imaginary worlds.

Jesus (Arvandus) The first time I knew this group was special was during a zombie game at some random meetup. It was a fairly large group and most wanted to play a certain type of military personnel. One person insisted on a helicopter, because why not. Out of all of them though, there was a smaller group who insisted on playing characters and not the guns they were attached to. My time with my character Carl, an accountant to the stars, will always be a bright spot. The fact that he survived being more a combination of luck and cowardice more than anything else. When we decided to get together for the first time as a group to play my Dark Heresy campaign, I felt I had to record it. It seemed the right thing to do. What ever came out of this group’s imagination would be worth recording and showing to the internet masses. Thus, a few weeks after recording and a bit of learning the intricacies of wordpress, I posted the first podcast episode of Fandible to the world.  It became more awesome from there. We fought and outwitted everything from chaos monsters and Lovecraftian entities to the intricacies of politics and stubborn clerks. We have gamed in bizarre alternate realities and tracked down the weird in places closer to home. And all that is nothing compared to the wonderful stories we are planning for the future. What I am most thankful for though is the fans. Your comments, likes, and enthusiasm I feel generating from all of you is keep us going. It what drives all of us to create the most interesting characters and games possible. To those who stuck with us for 100 episodes, thanks for listening. For those who started reading our blog posts, thanks for reading. And for those who don’t know about us yet, I am saying thank you FROM THE FUTURE!!!!!!!

Daniel (Katsushiro) 100 episodes of Fandible later, and we’re still going strong. Never would have thought we’d get to this point- well, let’s face it. Never thought this would have started in the first place. But, here we are, a couple of years after we all met randomly while seeking out Kindred (hee…) spirits online to join us in pretending to be a little more than human around a table full of dice. Since then, I’ve crawled through the Hollow Earth (okay, carried on the shoulders of my trusted manservant, but close enough), piloted gigantic starships (well, maybe piloted is  a bit much, I did give the order to have the ship piloted, does that count?), and stalked my friends through the haunted halls of a mental health institution with the intention of murdering them all (okay, that one was all me).  Without a doubt, it’s just been a blast. It’s one thing to get together with friends week after week and hang out, drink, eat, and joke around; it’s an entirely different thing to spend those weekly get-togethers challenging them to travel through time to spoil the wicked plans of a clan of nearly indestructible Time-Vampires. And then there’s you: our audience. Holy *crap*, we have an audience. I don’t even know how to handle that half the time. We’re just having fun, and that mic in the middle of the table is your unexpected avatar, the ever-present symbol of all of you out there that, week after week, join us in our wacky adventures. And what I’ve found is that, 100 episodes later, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Not every gaming group is lucky enough to play at a table that can fit thousands of other folks, all eager to join along in the adventure. Thank you, each and every one of you, for the chance to share. Hang on for the next 100 episodes, we don’t intend to disappoint.

Billy (Barsher Da Barsher) One hundred episodes. Wow, that’s a kick in the head to me. When Jesus and I met a few years ago, I didn’t think anything like this podcast would happen when I went over to his place. Sure, maybe we’d become friends. Sure, maybe he would have rampantly flirted with me (Still waiting on that one…). Sure he could have ended up being a serial killer, and I would wake up in a cellar being asked if I want to play a game. But to have a podcast last for two years and thrive? When I first moved to NYC with Angela, I missed roleplaying quite a bit. For two years, I was without it. A chance meet up group caught my eye and it was there I met Jesus and Daniel. With Angela and myself, we made a four person group. We had a few friends come and go those early days, but the four of us were always the four that I feel made Fandible. And then came David… David just wouldn’t leave. He came one day to roleplay Rogue Trader and somehow burrowed his way not only into being an important member of our core group but also into our hearts. We all brought our own flavor to the group. Jesus brought his storytelling skills along with his ability to scream “SCIENCE” every minute without it getting old. Angela brought her dry wit, fast word play, and her ability to make some of the vilest characters I’ve ever met. Daniel brought his humor, his intellect, and his uncanny ability to make me blow Coke out my nose when he screams something like “If I made the zombies, I’d be cackling on the rooftops instead of being down here in the sewers”. David brought with him his unique voices, his intelligent humor (and not so intelligent…) along with the ability to take a character from a humorous scene to a serious one at a drop of the hat. I… uh… brought Barsher? The point I’m trying to get here is that Fandible started off as an unbelievable idea. Jesus nurtured it until we all fully embraced it. The group continues to meet without fail and without drama. And we do it not because we love our own voices. No, we do it for the people that make Fandible worth it. You. Yeah, you. Andy. Man, that would be cool if your name is Andy right and thought I was really talking about you. Nope, it was just a name I threw out there. Anyways! You, the listener. Your comments and emails always rekindle my love for Fandible. Whenever someone tells us how much they enjoyed the podcast or blog post, we all can’t stop smiling. You guys have kept Fandible going with your support, and I hope your support continues. And if it doesn’t… then never mind what I just said. Screw you and I hope you die a horrible syphilis death.

David 100 episodes! I can hardly believe it. Now, while it is true that I have not been a part of Fandible for all 100 episodes, we can all agree that the episodes in the period known as Before David (BD) represented a simpler and more primitive podcast. Since entering into the era of During David (DD) we have stepped into the glorious light of quality, bringing with us enriching entertainment through audio ambrosia. I look forward to 100 more episodes of our motley crew bringing our various wonderful qualities to “the table” (see what I did there?) while I continue doing what I do best: Staring in disbelief as the dice betray me again and again and again.

Angela Like everyone else, I’m surprised and pleased that the intrepid Fandible crew has made it through 100 episodes of silliness and madness. It’s incredibly rewarding to not only have a group of great people to hang out with while doing something I love, but to have a bunch of people listening in and egging on our ridiculous behavior. Having the podcast has enabled and encouraged us to play such a huge variety of games – some in styles and systems I never would have considered on my own. FATE is a system that would have intimidated the heck out of me in my pre-Fandible days, and Warhammer 40k would have drowned me in setting and lore without someone like Jesus to guide the way and give me small chunks of the history at a time. Exposure to such a wide range of games has also opened up new creative opportunities for me, ranging from trying my hand at last year’s Game Chef competition, to starting my first stint as GM with Hollow Earth Expedition. The list of games and projects keeps growing, with the new addition of the Fandiblog and the regular appearance of totally new games in the Fandible roster. In some ways it feels like Fandible is just beginning to hit its stride – there’s been a lot of effort put into getting us this far, but we’ve got lots of ideas to keep us going for another 100 episodes and beyond!

Episode 100 will be a return of one of Fandible’s most famous monsters in Billy’s next World of Darkness game. What can we say, scaring the crap out of our fans is a form of celebration for us.

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About the Author
Jesus “Arvandus” Rodriguez is the founder and website tweaker of the Fandible podcast. When he isn't out creating imaginary worlds for his players, he also runs a youtube channel where he writes short fiction in various fictional worlds. https://www.youtube.com/c/ArvandusTheStoryteller

4 comments on “100 episodes of imaginary worlds.

  1. Hexeter says:

    Having only recently been introduced to Fandibles by a friend of mine I started off nitpicking my way through the PodCasts. We had just begun Deathwatch so I snagged all of the Deathwatch Episodes, then we moved on to Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader as well so those were next in line.

    Eventually I caught up to current on all of those and then our Gaming Group lost a Core member and we went on our own Hiatus. Almost two weeks went by and I realized I missed Fandibles. Usually I would take you all to work with me before I open the Store and I listen to you all wander about the Imperium of Man, randomly scaring my coworkers with bursts of laughter but I was caught up on all of the 40k Section.

    It was then that I realized that what I missed was the sense of being the extra player in a Gaming Group that Fandible brought me so I went back to my ITunes and randomly picked the Hollow Earth line of Episodes to start listening too. Could not have made a better choice if I had tried, even knowing nothing at all about Hollow Earth I am thoroughly enjoying you all being back in my ear while I toil about my day to day.

    So thank you all for that, and I raise my glass to you in the hopes of 100 more Episodes of Fandible!..because I am catching up more quickly than you are recording and when that happens..I may start to whine. No one wants to see me whine. Puppies cry when Hex whines.

  2. Arvandus says:

    We will do our best to prevent puppy crying in the future. Thanks for listening and after your done with hollow earth, check out The Laundry. If your customers thought you were crazy before, the laughter from that game will cause them to run away in fear.

  3. zombiehead1 says:

    I’ve been listening…for…a while..I think I the first one I listened to was the first rogue trader episode…but whatever.

    This is my most favorite roleplaying podcast. Period. You guys are so good at characterization, the stories are kickass, you’re genuinely hilarious and I swear I have spent so much money buying the books for the games you guys play. You are the best bunch of players and GM’s I have ever had the joy of listening to. I await each update with baited breath and excitement.

    In short. Who’s awesome? You’re awesome. Every single one of you. Keep doing your thing, and I’ll keep listening.

  4. Grant says:

    I’ve only just started listening to Fandible. I found your Dresden episodes and started with those. I do my podcast listening in the evenings when wife and baby have gone to bed, and there was many a time when my snorts of laughter at the antics of the were-emu nearly woke them up!
    I’m listening my way through your back catalogue now, and enjoying it muchly. Thanks for the good times!

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