A Couple of Geeks Ep 3

In this episode of A Couple of Geeks, Billy and Angela re-cap the latest happenings on Fandible, as well as some new projects to look forward to from the Fandible Crew! We also give our slightly-overdue thoughts on Pixar’s latest offering, Brave (spoiler alert! But really, if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out!), and look ahead to two upcoming video games: Aliens: Colonial Marines and the MMO The Secret World.

On Playing a Female Space Marine – Gaming as Women
Fandible Rogue Trader fanvid! – RPGMP3PencilMonkey
Aliens: Colonial Marines – SlashFilm
The Secret World – The Secret World MMO

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4 comments on “A Couple of Geeks Ep 3

  1. Pencil-Monkey says:

    I’m glad you liked the Rogue Trader video. 🙂

    Originally, the “Krooty Buttkicker Show” screen was going to be accompanied by the Woody Woodpecker theme music, but in the end I decided not to tread on anyone’s copyright.

  2. 3rik says:

    It may be worth mentioning that the rules set used in “Honour & Intrigue” was adapted from “Barbarians of Lemuria”, a fun sword & sorcery RPG from Simon Washbourne’s Beyond Belief Games.

  3. malkavianmadman says:

    I just read Angela’s article ‘On playing a Female Space Marine’ and found it very interesting. I never really thought about the whole female space marine thing, I am a big fan of 40k and must admit that I really dont care if you guys choose to play with females or males. Your games are still fun to watch and the way it was worked into the story was awesome.

  4. Angela says:

    Malkavianmadman – First, as a Vampire: the Masquerade player, love the name! Second, glad you enjoyed the post! I always enjoy hearing from people that hadn’t considered a perspective before, and I’m glad you’re enjoying our games on Fandible.

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