Fortune’s Fool

Fortune’s Fool: Sculpted Evil part 3 of 3

Before them, the group faces a remnant of a ancient evil from earths distant past and an ambitious young warlock waiting to use its power for his own nefarious purposes. Behind them, they have a merchants personal army, a group of Jewish kabballah masters and warriors, and a (unofficial) license to kill. Equip your rapier, put on your wide brimmed hat, and hike up your corset because its time for a good old fashioned Renaissance RUMBLE!!!!!

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Fortune’s Fool: Sculpted Evil part 2 of 3

With one servant of the dark arts down, the group digs deeper into the mystery of what is really going on in Florence. Thankfully, they have the gifts of sharp minds, strong allies, and various implements of violence.

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Fortune’s Fool: Sculpted Evil part 1 of 3

The group dives into the Italian Renaissance as they discover that no number of fantasy creatures, ancient magics, or dark covenants can truly beat the evils of politics. Can a Jewish Halfling, an Orc Muslim, and a Protestant Human find out what’s happening or will the city fall to evil beyond imagining? Disclaimer: This is…

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