The Laundry

The Laundry Ep 2: Eyes and Egos part 2 of 2

The secrets of the case begin to unravel as the Laundry Agents begin to discover the truth about the connection between Bill Turner and Stroked Ego studios. Will this discovery lead to a nice bonus in the next paycheck or a slow and painful death as the entities from beyond space and time scour whatever made them human and leave only madness behind? Oh wait, who am I kidding, this is the Laundry. They wouldn’t get a bonus.

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The Laundry Ep 2: Eyes and Egos part 1 of 2

The New Mission: Discover the link between supernatural code, a video game company, and an American Politician. The Threats: Definite cultists, an Otherworldy Being that is still quite impossible, and American politics. The Arsenal: Whatever wasn’t burned in the hotel fire. If your having doubts about the success of the mission… well… let’s just say…

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The Laundry Ep 1: Tea and Texans

The Mission: Enter Dallas Texas and investigate madness-inducing supernatural code. The Threats: Possible cultists, Impossible Other-worldly beings, and American agencies who don’t appreciate foreign agents on their soil. The Arsenal: Whatever equipment they could fit into the non-existent budget.

If this seems like a path to success, The Laundry has a job in upper management for you. You won’t do anything useful, but at least you get to make your employees life a living hell.

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