NWOD One Shots

Chronicles of Darkness: Flesh and Chitin

Its been five years since civilization has collapsed and a group of survivors in Alcatraz have found a way to make this former prison their home. But, when a signal broadcasts out for help, a team heads to the middle of a dead city to find a possible hope for the future.

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Chronicles of Darkness: Waking Nightmare

A trip to a new world and hope for a new life for a group of colonists quickly becomes a nightmare as they are awoken to strange visitors intent on stripping them of everything of value, including their lives.

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NWOD: NYC Zombiepocalypse part 1 of 4

When New York City gets infested with the living dead, four luckless survivors do their best to survive. Will they reach safety, or will they succumb to the Zombie hordes rushing after them.

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