Its been five years since civilization collapsed and a group of survivors in Alcatraz has found a way to make this former prison their home. But, when a signal broadcasts out for help, a team heads to the middle of a dead city to find a possible hope for the future.

Intro Music: Mechanolith by Kevin Macleod (
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6 comments on “Chronicles of Darkness: Flesh and Chitin

  1. Mike says:

    Poor Warren, all he wanted was to die but the world said no.

    I’m actually really interested in the bug apocalypse now. The whole setting sounds like a really well thought out mix of Resident Evil meets Starship Troopers. If enough people are interested in it, would you consider posting a short write-up of the setting?

  2. CalmeIshma3l says:


  3. Spencinator says:

    Damn, Warren was a lucky bastard, could not believe his luck

  4. crawlkill says:

    you guys and Ragnerdrok both posted games about saltwater-phobic human-infesting arthropods on the same day!

    I don’t usually like cryptids on their own, kinda need some alien intelligence or grim truth behind them to make em really work for me, but I did reeeally like the hermit scorpion using a fucking building as its shell. what a concept. awesome.

  5. Warren says:

    Oh, yeah. Warren. Poor bastard. Survived nearly a dozen runs. Then, one day, he steps on a rusty nail in that little patch of unmown grass. Tetanus is a horrible way to go. Damn Mick had one job!

  6. Mawdrigen says:

    Awesome session!

    Sometimes npc’s just plain become gods unable to fail rolls. Inspector Harris in the horror on the Orient express campaign for example.

    Keep up the great work

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