One Page RPGs

Big Motherf’in CrabTruckers

On the mighty highways and byways cruise the Crab Truckers. A noble species of trucking driving crustaceans, they serve the Crab Goddess by delivering her mighty goods across the great expanse. When two crab truckers race to deliver an important ingrediant for a new alcohol called vodka, they must face agaisnt various threats both dangerous and really really annoying.

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F-Word D&D: Eldritch Annoyances

Two bar employee’s find out that the rising of a elder god is just plain bad for business. *WARNING* The following play session includes rules failures, drunken ramblings and a impolite amount of cursing.

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Rockerboys & Vending Machines: The Mansion Job

In the harsh lights of neon city, two cyber warriors must take shadowy jobs that the corporations can’t do themselves. To bad for them, the next job may be much more challenging then even they bargained for.

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