A Couple of Geeks

A Couple of Geeks Ep 3

In this episode of A Couple of Geeks, Billy and Angela re-cap the latest happenings on Fandible, as well as some new projects to look forward to from the Fandible Crew! We also give our slightly-overdue thoughts on Pixar’s latest offering, Brave (spoiler alert! But really, if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out!), and look…

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A Couple of Geeks Ep 2

This is Billy and Angela again! We’ve recently finished exploring the land of fairy tales and are ready to review both ‘Once Upon a Time’ and ‘Grimm’. Not only that but we take a gaze at the recently released ‘Prometheus’ and decide if it did its predecessors proud. We talk about how it is being…

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A Couple of Geeks Ep 1

Hey everyone. This is Billy and Angela, and we’re just a couple of geeks. On our first broadcast on Fandible.com, we’re talking about the Avengers before moving to some other summer blockbuster. We ask our listeners what they think the next ‘Star Wars’ of this generation is and close out with discussing what we look…

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