World Of Darkness

NWOD: Off the Rails Part 1 of 2

Welcome to New York City. A chance encounter with a pickpocket leads four visitors into the depths of the city where they will realize that while the city never sleeps… something has been sleeping underneath it. And it’s starting to stir…

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Chronicles of Darkness: The Long Drive, Ep 1 Part 2 of 2

Having found themselves without Clementine, our friends returned to the open road to continue their journey. Yet, what they have failed to realize is that they’ve missed their exit to reality. Now finding solace in a rest stop, the three will begin to see the cracks in the road as they fail to yield to the unrelenting horrors of the Highway.

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Changeling the Dreaming: The Once and Future Ep 1 part 1 of 2

With homework, teen drama, and the occasional chimera attack, the changelings of the Charles Takei school think they have enough to deal with. But when a student begins his transition to a child of the fey, it leads to a journey that may affect the fey realms themselves.

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