Heretic. Monster. Anathema. The First did not ask to be born. She is the product of the madness and greed of a cardinal – a holy representative of the Imperium who lost his way, unable to see beyond his own greatness. When given the choice, the First chose the Imperium, as if her very blood showed her the path.

Now she is part of the Deathwatch, an organization of demigods who look at her as a pretender. She is a warrior of the Astartes, whatever their words, and she will fight the emperor’s enemies. And when she finds the cardinal, she will show him the Emperor’s mercy.

Deathwatch Ep 4: The Final Chapter part 2 of 2

From the beginning, Boudiccia has been a pariah. A freak of nature in the eyes of those who would use her for their own ends. Chasing her creators, she...

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Deathwatch Ep 3: Test of Purity

As a way to appease those who would question Boudicca's loyalty, the marines head to a Shrine-world to undergo a test of purity. Sadly, even this planet of imperial...

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Deathwatch Ep 2: Broken Impressions part 2 of 2

There plan set, the marines head off to the main city to try to gain knowledge of their enemy and show him the consequence of heresy.

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Deathwatch Ep 2: Broken Impressions part 1 of 2

On a forgotten human colony, the marines begin their search for a dangerous Heretek with a link to Boudicca's creation. Will they find answers, or will they find something...

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Deathwatch Ep 1: False Corruption part 2 of 2

Heading back to the Inquisitorial research base, the space marines search for answers and find harsh reminders why the deathwatch is necessary.

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Deathwatch Ep 1: False Corruption part 1 of 2

On a world of towering fungus and toxic fog, the marines arrive for what is supposedly a simple mission. Simple turns complicated as they will not only have to...

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2 comments on “Deathwatch

  1. Dan of Hats says:

    Having been a GM for several years now, and recently started to get together a Deathwatch playgroup, I faced the very same question as was posed on this series; one of my players asked if they could play a female space marine. I like to think that, as a listener of this fine series, the viewpoints and opinions displayed as to why there could be female space marines in a game gave me perspective where before I might simply have clung to the source material and quoted it as dogma. So thank you Fandible, you made an otherwise very difficult situation that much easier for me.

  2. Arvandus says:

    We are glad to help. As a GM, I had similar concerns on what I would do in this type of situation. To me players come first and if one of my players wanted to be a female space marine, then one minor point of canon isnt going to interfere.

    I was originally thinking of creating just a all female chapter, but I realized it would be a much more interesting story if there was suddenly a female space marine. How would normal humans and other space marines react. Considering the nature of Warhammer 40k, you can guarantee they wouldn’t hand out equal opportunity bumper stickers.

    If your interested in how Angela felt about playing a female space marine, check out her blog post on the gaming as women blog:

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