Episode 50 and thanks for the listening

With episode 50 up in the ether, it has become  close to a year that we have started the Fandible podcast. That first game, “Dark Heresy: Heart of Ambulon”, was the first gaming session of the core fandible group. I was always thankful that I decided to record that session. That I wanted to try to podcasting and hoped people would enjoy our idiocy online. As far as I can tell, you all do, which helps my dark heart beat every once and awhile.

Of course, great roleplay doesnt work without great players and I have to thank Billy, Angela, Daniel, David and James for bringing thier own talents to the games and making each gaming session both fun and memorable. There are so many lines in our games that still make me giggle( but in a manly way).

As for future plans, I still plan to try new games and bring them out for podcast listeners to listen to. Still need to get back to the great games Fortunes fool & the Laundry as well other RPG’s I want to try. I wont forget my first love of course, warhammer 40k. My main long running campaign, Rogue Trader, will continue. As for Dark heresy, we ended in a good place (which you will hear in the next 2 Dark Heresy sessions we post) and I think it needs a bit of a break before I put my creative muscles back into it. Don’t worry, those inquisitorial acolytes will return….. those poor poor fool.

Angela will continue her awesome hollowed earth game, trying to kill us in the depths of the earth. For someone who hasn’t GM’ed much, she is quite adept at making us run for our lives. She learns quickly.


Billy still has more New World of darkness ideas in his mind. It always worries me when he smiles when he describes his games. I also think the evil cackling is just overkill.
 Daniel of course has more plans for the dresden files and sees it as his duty to make all our plans turn to dust when they smack into reality. No truer symbol of the dresden files series than that.

David has plans of his own and when his life allows is  willing to show us by tapping into his GM mind to bring us into the world of Geist. I’m getting my Geist ready. Im thinking of calling him Bob.

Thank you all for listening and hopefully you will be around at episode 100 when I give you guys another thank you post. Hopefully less sappy but I make no promises.

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